About Chef Chip

I am a chef in Atlanta Ga. I serve a niche market, preparing in-home dinner parties for my clients around town.

I have been a chef in Atlanta since 2001. I’m originally from Louisiana, and Cajun/Creole cuisines are my first love in the kitchen! My other specialties range from authentic Mexican to Middle Eastern.

You can learn a lot more about what I do at my professional website.

So what’s with the name, “Rice & Gravy?” Rice & Gravy is a SW Louisiana term. Every dinner has rice and gravy on the plate. In Louisiana, anyone new to town and looking for a place to eat would ask a local where a good “rice & gravy” place is. Guaranteed, you’ll be directed to some hole-in-the-wall “backa-town” place that serves a good home-cooked meal, which will of course be accompanied by our staple of “rice & gravy.”

One of my philosophies is that authenticity is secondary only to being able to successfully prepare food that you will enjoy. If a recipe calls for ingredients or equipment that you’ll spend half a day searching for, and never use again, that’s a useless recipe. Make the recipe first with ingredients you have at hand. If you like it, THEN go to the trouble!

Cajun and Creole Cuisines, like all New World cuisines, are exactly that.  People displaced from their homes, making the most of ingredients available to them.

Enjoy my website! And be sure to follow the videos accompanying each recipe.

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