Homemade Sausage


Sausage making is a long tradition that goes back to the dawn of civilization as method of preserving meat. Virtually every civilization on our planet has at least some type of sausage to their credit.

It’s one of my all time favorite activities in the kitchen.

I chose my Cajun sausage recipe for this tutorial because all the ingredients are readily available, there are no special techniques involved (as sausage making goes), and it’s a pretty versatile sausage for just about any use.  My favorite way to enjoy Cajun sausage is on the grill.  In fact, this is the sausage used in crawfish boils all over the state.


I can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining a good temperature throughout the entire process of making sausage.  Food safety is an important concern, but improper handling can result in a poor quality product!

In the video you see me talking about curing salt.  In normal use (as a preservative) curing salt is used at a rate of .25 pound per 100 pounds of meat.  So, if you’re making 10# of sausage, use .025 pounds of the curing salt.  Cajun sausage isn’t usually a cured sausage, but I add a little bit anyway because it helps preserve the natural color of the meat, as you can see in the video.

At the end of this post, I’ve provided links to some of the equipment used in the video, as well as my supplier for curing salt.

Please watch the video for the technique:

Recipe quantities:

10# pork shoulder (without the bone, with all the fat)

10 tsp. coarse salt

1 tbs.   paprika

1 tbs.   dried marjoram

½ tbs. dried sage

½ tbs. dried thyme

2 tbs.   black pepper

1 tbs.   crushed red pepper

1 tbs.   sugar

6 tbs.   chopped fresh garlic

¼ c.     buttermilk powder

2 tsp.   Cure #1 curing salt (not by weight)



  1. Thanks for the good recipe…I just finished a 5lb batch. 3lbs pork shoulder, 2lbs elk burger. I also added 4 jalapeños. The seasoning was perfect. I will use this again soon.

  2. great video! I found that I needed to partially freeze the cubed meat in order for it not to come out mush in my grinder. Much improved texture this way.

  3. What is the need for the buttermilk powder? I don’t have it and wondering if there is a substitute or if it can just be skipped?

  4. Hi. I want to prepare such sausage for my daughter.. May i then know the exact measurement of the ingredients if i have only 2kilos of ground pork? Thank you.

  5. I got blades through Amazon. The 6 hole piece but i didn’t get the larger 5 hole plate in the set. Am i looking at the wrong set?

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