Super Tonic


I have been making this tonic for many years and it’s very potent!  All the anti-inflammatory ingredients do a great job of relieving cold symptoms and seasonal allergies.

We keep a supply of it on the kitchen counter at home.  We don’t get sick very often, but when cold season comes around, it comes in handy!  My wife keeps a bottle at work for her coworkers.  Most people hate the way it tastes but they drink it anyway because it REALLY WORKS!


I originally came across this stuff about 10 years ago, when visiting a friend of ours.  She keeps it on her counter as well.  Hers looks dull and gray, like oatmeal or something, because she makes hers without the turmeric.  Turmeric is my own addition, it just makes sense to me!

Don’t mess around with Mr. In Between.  Spring for the organic ingredients wherever you can find them.  I mean, if you want something that’s effective, why mess around poor quality ingredients!?


A quick Google search will reveal lots of recipes for this stuff.  But everyone seems to credit Dr. Schulze as the source.  I haven’t found anything clearly stating whether it’s his own concoction, but I have no reason to disagree, either.  Dr. Schulze sells it on his website.  His product has been strained, containing only the vinegar that has already extracted the nutrients from the other ingredients.

I personally don’t bother straining it.  Somehow I feel like I’m getting more out of it by leaving the vegetable matter in.

To help in getting rid of a cold or seasonal allergies, take about a teaspoon 3-4 times a day.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much you take per serving, as it does how often you take it throughout the day.  Really, a teaspoon or two at a time is all you need.

The dietary benefits of apple cider vinegar seem to be infinite and have been in Man’s medicine cabinet for millennia! Apple cider vinegar is known to help alkalize the gut.  Even though ACV is acidic in its natural state, it creates potash when digested.  Super tonic is just that much better than regular ACV, because of the all the other nutrients added through extraction.

As a general dietary aid, take up to 1 tablespoon of Super Tonic when you wake up in the morning, followed by 16 oz. of filtered water.  Do this again at night just before bed.  Make it a routine for two weeks and note any changes in your body and well being.

As for me, I occasionally like to add it to my daily juice.  It’s like a salad dressing to my liquid salad!  Delicious!

In my video, the quantities I’m using make exactly 3 quarts.  I make that much because that’s how much we use.  Below the video here, the recipe quantities I give will provide you with one tidy quart, which is a great starting point!

Watch the video to see how it’s made:

Recipe quantities for one quart:

2½ c. raw, organic, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar

1½-2 oz. (weight) organic jalapeño (or other spicy chile of your choice)

1½-2 oz. (weight) organic ginger (preferably Chinese, but whatever you prefer is fine)

1½-2 oz. (weight) organic white onion

1½-2 oz. (weight) organic garlic (from the whole bulb, not peeled, or from a jar)

1½-2 oz. (weight) organic turmeric (organic is hard to find for this item, use what’s available to you.)

1½-2 oz. (weight) organic fresh horseradish (NOT the stuff in a jar)


  • If you don’t have a scale at home, weigh the ingredients on the scale in the produce department when making your selections.
  • The turmeric in this recipe is my own addition.  Omit if you like.
  • You really need a strong blender for this. I use a VitaMix.  I’ve seen some recipes done in a food processor, but I haven’t done that myself.
  • If you’re not able to grind the ingredients finely enough, you’ll be chewing your tonic instead of drinking it.
  • The mixture is shelf stable up to about 3 months.  It’ll last even longer if you refrigerate it.
  • You’ll notice the Super Tonic has taken on a sort of grayish tint if it has gone bad.


  1. I have been making your water kefir ginger tonic and absolutely love it. I always have some on the go and some in the fridge. I drink it pretty much every day. I also have other flavors of water kefir going at all times too.
    I read your supertonic recipe and thought I would make some before cold and flu season started but a cold snuck up on me earlier than I expected. I just finished making a quart and am excited to see how it helps me respond to the cold.
    I want to thank you for your awesome posts. I wish I lived in your area, then I would try your other services.
    Many thanks

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